Before and After

I had gained a few pounds and wasn’t feeling very confident nor comfortable in my tight clothes. With Tracy’s help, I learned what to wear to compliment my figure. Now I get compliments not only on my clothes but that I look younger, more energetic. What a confidence booster in my professional abilities of designing. I now look the part!

Phylis – Interior Designer

I have some high-end clients that I work with… I know how to use my current clothes in my closet and my current body shape to create a more confident, professional yet stylish look. Thanks Tracy!

Teresa, Landscape Designer

I didn’t have to compromise my comfort and my ”Bohemian Gypsy” style in order to look smart and professional. I was surprised that I had most of the pieces in my own closet already. I learned how to put clothes together for fantastic looking outfits. It was really a fun, great experience. I would highly recommend working with Tracy to transform your image.

Debbie, Wellness Entrepreneur

I was shocked how just wearing the right clothes could instantly make me look thinner. (picture was taken 5 minutes apart)

Holly, Entrepreneur

Tracy took the time to get to know me, what I like, and what my goals were for the outfit I needed for a major presentation. She clearly understood my body shape and what would make me look the best. She also knew what jewelry would best compliment and even went the extra mile to express ship something to me so I would have the perfect ensemble! I highly recommend Tracy for any styling need!

Lori, Web Solutions Architect

I used to always consider myself to be casual in my style. Through the course, I learned the correct way to put outfits together to look more professional yet also be comfortable. I loved the 1,2,3 way to get dressed. Now I am dressing in the correct colors that look best on me. I am also getting compliments about how I look put-together from head to toe.

Sue, Financial Advisor